Men’s Hair Styles & Fashion

Hair Services


RM 99.00

A novel & elegant blend of traditional & modern gentlemen's haircuts

  • RM59.00 for the 1st Royal Haircut

RM 65.00

Cozy, smooth, & classy top haircut style for young gentlemen

RM 70.00

Distinguished comfy Head Shave for a fresh, neat, & alluring look


RM 50.00

The honor of fresh & unique hairstyle delivery


RM 70.00

The next level of Traditional Shave for a comfortable & relaxed shaving journey

RM 95.00

A highly effective method of shaving that blends steam with shaving techniques to ensure deep cleanness & exemplary beard look

RM 79.00

The ideal service for the best beard look at all times

RM 125.00

The elevated signature shaving experience with steamed towels & therapeutic massage


RM 199.00

Transform your look with full hair coverage and a lustrous finish

RM 109.00

Restore and enhance your natural beard colour using our finest beard coloring products

RM 75.00

A touch that feels glorious, looks amazing, & expresses personal style & professional image


RM 79.00

The magical solution for smoother skin & sharper look

RM 29.00

Detailed & adequate total cleansing of unwanted ear hair using Brazilian premium wax

RM 25.00

Caring & attentive nose hair removal using safe & certified Italian avocado butter wax

RM 50.00

Improves manly elegance & charm with the best shape of eyebrows


RM 75.00

Helps in stress relief & tension reduction. It can ease headache pain, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation in the head & neck, & promotes hair growth

RM 80

Promotes healthy skin & releases facial muscles. It renews dull skill, releases facial muscle tension, & promotes the feeling of relaxation & easiness


This hair treatment is designed to recondition dull, dry, damaged, over-processed hair making it healthier & more manageable. It works as a filler treatment to fill up the holes in the scalp using proteins, amino acids, & hydrolyzed collagen

  • SHORT HAIR - RM150
  • MEDIUM - RM300
  • LONG - RM600

This hair treatment repairs broken bonds & rejuvenates hair. It increases tensile strength, restores elasticity, & Protects the hair follicle from further breakage

  • SHORT HAIR - RM120
  • MEDIUM - RM180
  • LONG - RM220

Men’s Hair Styles & Fashion

Hair Services

Hair Treatement
    Temporary Styling
  • Buzz Cut & Crew Cut
  • French Crop
  • Pompadour & Side Part
  • Side Part
  • Spiky Hair
  • Taper Fade Hair Cut
    Permanent Styling
  • Buzz Cut
  • Side Part
  • Spiky Hair
  • Taper Fade Hair Cut

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